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New online tools make building resilience easy

By Renae Hanvin

July 1 2024

Bringing everyone along on the disaster preparedness and resilience journey is a big focus for Resilient Ready. You could say it’s our reason for being!

From the very beginning, our focus has been to get people thinking and doing things differently to be ready for anything the future throws at them. From bushfires and floods to Covid-19 and Bird Flu, we know disasters love company so we need to think beyond the impact of brief disruptions and more about long-term resilience.

Not every small business has the budget, time or resources to engage our services, so we have created a micro learning solution to fit into the busy lives of business owners and operators and their employees.

We’ve just launched our new online tools or as we call them, our ‘mini modules’, which have been developed and informed by hard-won firsthand experience, academic research and the everyday realities of running a business or not-for-profit.

“At Resilient Ready we help people prepare their businesses so they can stay in business,” Founder Renae Hanvin said.

“We want to take the complexity out of preparedness and remove other roadblocks such as being time-poor and/or limited budget to help businesses get disaster-ready.”

“Every business and not-for-profit is a key link in the chain of a community, so it’s important that we support their success to ensure ours as a society when times are tough.”

To help you kick off the new financial year right, we’ve created two special bundles focused on how to Increase Revenue and build your Community Connections just for the month of July. Both bundles are offered at a big discount for the start of the financial year!

Relevant themes, short videos and simple worksheets will step you through the basics so you and your business or not-for-profit will be resilient and ready to face any future disruption or disaster.

If you represent a council, government agency, corporate or industry body (including a business chamber) you might be interested creating a bespoke bundle for your local community or ask us about our tailored Business Community Resilience (BCR) Toolkit program.

Purposely agile, our custom-built BCR Toolkit system will help build knowledge in and collect data from local businesspeople to drive evidence-based decision-making for local business chambers and government bodies.

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