Sectors / Small Business

Make resilience part of everyday business

Small businesses account for 90% of global companies yet are the group most vulnerable to disaster impacts.

Around 40% of small businesses will never reopen following a major disaster event – devastating lives and livelihoods across communities.

A resilient small business is ready to thrive in the good times and survive future disasters. Our micro-learning approach helps small business owners and operators take positive steps towards doing business better.

We work with:

  • micro businesses (1–3 employees)
  • small businesses (4–19 employees)
  • place-based small business communities
  • industry-focused small business communities

A leading advocate in small business community resilience, we are actively driving outcomes to help small businesses thrive. Read our Small Business Insurance Talks White Paper or discover our Roadmaps and projects to find out more.

Get ready for our small business Resilient Ready tools coming soon!