A range of bite-sized tools created by people just like you

We understand how confusing and complex just the idea of disaster preparedness and resilience can be. We also know that most people don’t have time, budget or headspace to put it as a priority.

That’s why we’ve packaged up our learnings and experiences into micro-learning tools suitable for every type of business or not-for-profit.

Our online tools are designed to help you and your organisation get resilient and ready for the future – one step at a time!

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Mini Modules help you learn 5-minutes at a time!

Our Resilient Ready mini modules are designed to help every type of organisation thrive in the good times, and get ready for the hard times.

  • Growing library of module topics
  • Relevant themes for all types of organisations
  • Quick and informative videos
  • Simple to complete worksheets


Micro-learning and Roadmaps to a more resilient business