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Businesses are essential to communities. We know that when local businesses thrive, communities do too.

At Resilient Ready, we provide advisory services to groups or businesses within a geographic or industry-aligned community.

Being independent and external to the community, we collaborate effectively with local people in business to co-design solutions they know will suit their community.

We focus on strengthening:

  • Business viability and sustainability
  • Risk understanding and disaster preparedness
  • Local social ties and connections

If you are a council, industry body or business community group, let’s connect and talk about your needs.

Empowering local change to benefit all

We pride ourselves on earning trust and building respect from those within the communities we support. We never assume or dictate.

Our role is to identify capabilities, vulnerabilities and opportunities. We help solve problems and foster locally-led change.

This can include:

  • Business community audits
  • Strategic preparedness and resilience planning
  • Multi-stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Workshop facilitation

Let us help empower your business communities to connect and thrive.

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