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Imagine if you had the opportunity to hear directly from a fellow business friend on how they were or were not ready for a disaster.

We know running a business is hard and preparing for unexpected disruptions is often put in the ‘too hard’ basket.

What if you had someone share their learnings and experiences so you can prepare like they did, or not make the same mistakes?

Our Resilient Ready Lived Experience Workshops connect you, your team and your business community with experts ready to share what they know.

Topics include:

  • Understanding disaster risks and emergency warnings
  • Having the right insurance
  • Protecting your revenue
  • Dealing with intrusive media
  • Knowing your duty of care
  • Making a back-up plan
  • Building local connections

Connect local leaders to learn together





In addition to Lived Experience Workshops, Resilient Ready offers a range of workshops to suit all stakeholders and organisations in the sector.

Disaster risk reduction and preparedness need not be boring! Our workshops help bring them to life while building connections and capabilities.

Workshop types include:

Our Resilient Ready specialists deliver workshops to suit your needs, be it online or in-person, from 1-hour to full-day.

Let us help upskill your people to get ahead of future disruptions.


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