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BCR Toolkit for Victorian high-risk tourism businesses

KEY information
BCR Toolkit
completed 2023


Meeting a need with tourism regions


Resilient Ready was the chosen delivery partner for a project co-led by the CFA, VICSES and the Victorian Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR), made possible thanks to Emergency Management Victoria (EMV’s) National Partnership Agreement for Disaster Risk Reduction funding.

The project partners identified a need to build disaster readiness and resilience specifically with tourism-related businesses in the high-risk regions of Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island/Bass Coast, Victoria.

Our approach

Through Resilient Ready’s flagship program, the Business Community Resilience (BCR) Toolkit, we were able to support more than 100 businesses to increase knowledge and capabilities in disaster preparedness for their business.

Businesses completed 15 micro-learning modules, including modules co-designed with the project partners such as understanding emergency warnings, managing the media in times of crisis, and engaging with diverse customers.

In addition to the online modules, six in-person workshops were held in key towns in the Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island/Bass Coast regions to foster local business community connections.

Online workshops and webinars with guest speakers from Disaster Legal Help Victoria and Emergency Management Victoria were also delivered to provide expert guidance on key topics such as insurance and emergency warnings.

Strengthening preparedness with tourism businesses in disaster-prone regions is crucial for social and economic resilience.

Bekah Baynard-Smith
Program Coordinator

Tourism businesses equipped for anything


Businesses in the high-risk and popular tourist regions of Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island/Bass Coast are now more equipped with the tools and knowledge required to keep their staff and customers safer in times of disaster and disruption.

They will now benefit from their personalised business resilience toolkits that assist in emergency planning, safeguarding business operations, and building stronger linking ties with emergency service organisations and tourism boards.


In-person and online workshops


Local lived experience case studies


Project partners

In-person and online workshops

Local lived experience case studies

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