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The Business Community Resilience (BCR) Toolkit program is an innovative solution focused on building resilience in all types of organisations within every community. Purposely agile, our custom-built system will help you build knowledge in and collect data from local business people.

Typical BCR Toolkit customers include councils, government, corporates and industry bodies including business chambers. Any organisation looking to build resilience across a community of people in business.

Why not enable every type of business across your community to take small steps towards building everyday resilience, together.

The toolkit has shown me small steps I can take to get my business ready for all types of disasters.

Eric Wolske
Business Owner at Eden Antiques

Choose a delivery option that’s right for your people


The BCR Toolkit program is agile in delivery with standard or tailored program options available.

BCRT Standard 10 – From $10,000 + GST

  • 10 modules with tailored links
  • Daily or weekly release
  • Shared data from 20 questions
  • Findings report
  • Program open for 3 months

BCRT Tailored 10 – From $24,000 + GST

  • Aligned to location or industry sector
  • 10 modules with tailored links
  • Daily or weekly release
  • 10 local case studies filmed to share lived experience
  • Shared data from 20 questions
  • Findings report
  • 3 online 1-hour workshops
  • Program open for 3 months

Optional Extras:

  • Tailored community outreach from $1,500 + GST
  • Local launch event from $1,000 + GST
  • New module development from $2,000 + GST
  • Onsite or online workshops from $1,500 + GST including Lived Experience
  • PR & promotional materials from $1,000 + GST


Benefiting every operating business within a community

The Business Community Resilience (BCR) Toolkit is relevant to micro and small businesses (up to 19 employees) and medium corporates (20–199 employees) including not-for-profits and government-owned enterprises.

Benefits include:

  • collecting business community capability and vulnerability data
  • building vital capabilities in preparedness and resilience
  • reducing local vulnerabilities including supply chains
  • strengthening business community connections and networks
  • activating our 80/20 disaster preparedness business culture.

Frequently asked questions

What is the BCR Toolkit Program?

The Business Community Resilience (BCR) Toolkit is an innovative online solution developed to help build resilience capabilities in businesses and communities. Customers of this solution are typically councils, government, corporates or industry bodies including business chambers.

Programs are tailored to your needs with a choice of 50+ modules released over a month, a week or a year. It is a great program to get every business in a community ready for future disasters.

How does it work?

Every program is different and developed in conjunction with councils, business chambers, industry associations and other key stakeholders within participating regions or industry sectors.

Modules can be released daily, weekly, fortnightly. The program duration is flexible depending on the required outcome. Regardless of the structure of your program, our goal is always to build your resilience and preparedness in small steps. We want you to make lasting, practical changes, and have the discussions that will have long-term benefit for you, your business and your business community.

Step  1 — Tailored Program

We help you select the best structure to meet your business community’s needs. We offer  50+ modules – taking anything from a week, to a month, or a year.

Step 2 — Localised content

Our traditional programs will include localised links relevant to modules.

Our bespoke programs will co-design module content specific to your location, industry or program theme.

We offer options to film local case studies to embed experiences of your local business people.

Step 3 — Module Release

We release all modules as guided by your tailored plan. All participating businesses across your community complete the program together.

Step 4 — Data and Workshops

We share all data collected to help reduce local vulnerabilities across the business community, and we deliver in-person or online workshops.

What are the benefits to a business?

This program is focused on a group of businesses participating because we cannot build resilience to disasters alone. Taking part in a BCR Toolkit program will help you, your business, your customers and suppliers, and your community. We know it’s the small steps to prepare for a disaster that make the biggest difference. We also know working together in a region will make you and your community stronger.

Being involved in this program can:

  • help keep you in business
  • give you a better understanding of your business and community
  • reduce risks, including financial ones
  • help you plan for disasters
  • allow you to learn new skills and gain knowledge
  • build networks and connections
  • make small changes that will have a big impact.

If you take the time to get your business in the right position in the good times, you’ll be better prepared for the bad times.

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