What are Hubs?

Resilient Ready Hubs connect people to build resilience across communities. Hubs are networks of people brought together by where they work, their business type, the industry they are in or the problem to be solved.

Our Hub solution is about supporting and empowering people working in any types of business to build capabilities and connections by co-designing solutions.

Our work brings direct benefits to the Hub community so they do business better.


Kangaroo Island
Hub Project

We are working with the business communities of Kangaroo Island in South Australia to develop an online Roadmap to build local resilience.

Kangaroo Island Business Climate is the theme the local community has chosen.

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Blue Mountains
Hub Project

Our Blue Mountains hub in NSW is working with local business communities to co-design an online Roadmap solution.

Blue Mountains Business Resilience is the theme the local community has embraced.

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