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Disaster resilience and preparedness can be complex and dull. Yet building a culture of resilient ready people is vital for any organisation to thrive.

Our Resilient Ready specialists provide comprehensive training to build everyone’s knowledge, no matter their level of experience or interest.

This can include:

  • executive coaching
  • team coaching
  • workshop facilitation
  • keynote speaking
  • lunch and learn sessions
  • simulation exercises

We deliver onsite or online training to CEOs and Executive Teams, employees, members, customers, suppliers and Boards.

Be informed
and upskilled

Common themes include:

  • how to build a resilient ready organisation
  • risk reduction is the new must have capability
  • why people are the foundation of resilience
  • shared responsibility: what’s my role?
  • 10 steps to helpful disaster giving

Let us help upskill your people to get ahead of future disruptions.

Our Methodology

Supporting everyone to embed resilience

Our process supports every person in any size or type of business to self-identify gaps and opportunities in organisational resilience and community resilience.

A focus on Prevent, Prepare, Promote and Protect enables all business functions to build understanding and commitment to a resilient contribution to future success.


Get your business ready for the multiple disasters and disruptions ahead.

Understand Your Business

Discover your critical operations and what is essential to your organisation staying in business.

Know Your Risks

Lead future success with positive risks while reducing disastrous impacts from negative risks.


Know what it takes to thrive through future disasters and disruptions.

Plan Your Response

Businesses ready for future disruptions prepare their people, policies and processes before impact.

Build Your Networks

Resilient businesses are connected internally and externally via bonding, bridging and linking social ties.


Foster internal and external interactions and conversations about disaster resilience.

Strategically Engage

Build trust with your stakeholders that you will be there when they need you most.

Continuously Communicate

A business communicating resilience everyday will lead through the chaos.


Commit to an everyday culture of resilience by embedding it into business as usual.

Holistically Engage

Resilience-focused businesses strategically prioritise readiness across all functions.

Effectively Sustain

Resilience must be a prioritised long-term commitment to bring beneficial outcomes.

Let’s build knowledge

Connect with us to talk about the different types of resilience training we offer.

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