Insights / a new approach to risk

Resilient Ready explores how to do risk differently

By renae hanvin


May 10 2023


Risk is no longer role-specific – it’s everyone’s business, Resilient Ready founder Renae Hanvin told the audience at the Risk Management Institute of Australasia‘s national conference in Adelaide recently. 

Renae challenged the audience to think differently about risk and develop a more holistic approach to resilience. 

“It’s time for every risk manager to step out of their siloed business function and drive holistic risk understanding and awareness across their organisations, whether big, small, profit, not for profit or government,” Renae said.  

“Risk roles or functions that just sit to the side and monitor organisational risks don’t cut the mustard anymore. At Resilient Ready, we emphasise it’s not just about knowing your risks, but sharing the knowledge and responsibility across the organisation.  

“Risk is everyone’s business – both knowing how to reduce them and responding to them. 

“People sit at the centre of the risk model. It’s people that build resilience, and it’s people who ultimately reduce risks.”  

At Resilient Ready, the approach to building business community resilience is to first build core capabilities and connections in people. 

Renae said this same approach could be the key to the future of risk management in Australia. 

“We need to mainstream business community resilience and make risk part of the conversation for every employee,” she said. 


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