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How to start 2024 strong

By renae hanvin

January 1 2024

The start of a new year is a chance to reset for many businesses, an opportunity to change direction and do things differently for the next 12 months.

Some businesses will review and act on their ‘lessons learned’ – pearls (or perhaps ball bearings!) of wisdom gleaned from lived and hard-won experience.

Others will continue to fly by the seat of their pants, vibing on luck or fortuitous timing until a change in circumstance brings them terminally unstuck.

But we know through our work and research that luck and timing, and even lived experience, will only get you so far. It’s the combination of knowledge and experience with some solid planning and preparation that will bring true success.

You can position your business to not only have a strong start to the year but embed the right functions within your business to ensure it is resilient when the unexpected occurs, and that it doesn’t just survive but thrives.

At Resilient Ready, we’ve already done the hard work to identify what you need to know and do to build a more resilient organisation, protecting livelihoods by building core skills around areas such as insurance, supply chains, networking, and business continuity.

We work with businesses including not-for-profits, governments (federal, state and local), industry associations and corporate organisations to help them self-identify gaps and opportunities in organisational and community resilience, which build their resilience and contribute to a sustainable future.

Using our Resilient Ready methodology to guide our work, we help business owners and operators, policy makers and service providers to better understand existing capabilities, core business needs, identify risks, build their networks, and better communicate and collaborate so they are ready for anything.

A big focus in 2024 is our Lived Experience Workshops. They help business owners and operators connect to learn from those who have experienced disasters themselves. We cover topics including understanding risks and warnings to having the right insurance, and protecting your revenue.

And our bespoke Business Community Resilience (BCR) Toolkit is an invaluable approach for any organisation looking to build resilience across a community of people in business. Purposefully agile, our custom-built system will help you build knowledge in and collect data from local businesspeople.

We also offer consulting services that include strategic advice, program development and delivery, and multi-stakeholder facilitation to corporates, small-to-medium enterprises, governments, industry bodies, not-for-profits, and communities.

If you are ready to set your organisation up for a resilient new year in 2024, we are ready to talk. Reach out to our team today.

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