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Planning for the unknown

By Renae Hanvin

May 1 2024

This month, we welcome Daniel Aldrich back to Australian shores, just in time for our South Australian Social Capital + Social Infrastructure Snapshot forum.

We’ll be mapping risks, gaps, and opportunities – and setting up South Australia for success. Taking a social capital and social infrastructure perspective, we’ll also reflect on systemic risks which can cascade across systems and sectors, rippling over communities, towns, states, and countries and creating additional risks.

Think about how Australia was impacted when Covid-19 hit just as we were recovering from the bushfires (preceded by widespread drought and flooding).

These compounding disasters disrupted critical supply chains and the availability of basic goods and services and put unprecedented pressure on our healthcare infrastructure.

Shortages fueled demand and, in some cases, prices, as innocuous items such as toilet paper and pasta suddenly topped shopping lists everywhere, prompting scuffles in supermarket aisles and creating a black market on social media platforms.

It can be difficult to think or plan clearly when you’re in the middle of a chain reaction. Even governments struggled to manage the far-reaching impacts of Covid-19 on workplaces, transport, and basic goods and services.

Which is why calculating risks is not just about preparedness but also social capital, social infrastructure, and good governance. It’s about identifying what we value and how we can better prepare to maintain the status quo during and following a disaster.

One of the things we do best here at Resilient Ready is map out risks as part of our bespoke solutions, including our Business Community Advisory Service, which focuses on understanding risks and disaster preparedness and building social capital through local ties and connections.

At Resilient Ready, we also contribute towards Sendai Framework risk reduction targets by sharing responsibility with the global business community to understand, strengthen, and invest in disaster risk reduction and “build back better” during recovery.

Do you want to join our South Australian conversation?

Our online forum with Daniel Aldrich is open to all South Australian community, government, local council, business and industry, or not-for-profit representatives.

If you are attending the Adelaide Forum in person on 20 May 2024, you do not need to register for this event.

Findings from this forum will contribute to a South Australian Snapshot Report. Project details can be found here.

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