Showcasing disaster resilience in Braidwood

By Mel Peverill

Sep 16 2022

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Resilient Ready brought together local businesses and organisations in Braidwood a couple of weeks ago at a free event focused on building local networks and bolstering the resilience of their community.

The Showcasing Disaster Resilience event created a platform for community groups, council staff and local businesses to talk about the projects being implemented to build the capabilities of the people and places of Braidwood.

Resilient Ready’s Director Renae Hanvin spoke about the innovative Business Community Resilience (BCR) Toolkit program, while several other community groups outlined initiatives established to help build resilience in the Braidwood community.

More businesses need to join the groundswell to be truly effective for the wider Braidwood community.


After the 2019-20 bushfires, corporate2community (now Resilient Ready) brought Braidwood Servicemen’s Club, Braidwood FM radio station and Braidwood Old Sunday School Hall together to collaborate on a grant application to build the people and places in Braidwood in preparation for future disaster impacts.

Representatives from each of those organisations spoke, as well as representatives from the local Chamber of Commerce, Braidwood Community Bank and Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council.

“These organisations have taken the first steps to doing disasters differently by choosing to collaborate rather than compete, working together to build local community and business resilience,” Renae said.

“More businesses need to join the groundswell to be truly effective for the wider Braidwood community.”

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