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St Arnaud’s Road to Business Resilience

By bekah baynard-smith

November 14 2023

In the historic gold mining town of St Arnaud, in western Victoria, businesses have steadily traded since the first precious nuggets were discovered in the area more than 160 years ago.  

These days, while the town is growing its tourism profile, recent flood events compounded by other unforeseen disruptions have challenged its businesses’ ability to comfortably trade. 

Resilient Ready has been engaged by Northern Grampians Shire Council to do a deep-dive analysis of the business community along the main street in St Arnaud.  

Resilient Ready Program Coordinator Bekah Baynard-Smith has been spending time in St Arnaud to get to know the business community.

This project is an exciting opportunity for all local businesses to come together and create a future vision for main street business in St Arnaud.
Bekah Baynard-Smith
Program Coordinator

“As part of the project, the Resilient Ready team is exploring the economic viability, disaster preparedness and social capital that exists within the St Arnaud business community,” Bekah said.

“During our discovery phase, we’re meeting with local business owners and operators, and community leaders to explore the camaraderie, skills, and experiences of the business community,” Bekah added.

The project will officially launch to the St Arnaud community on 27 November. To find out more or get involved, visit the project page here. 

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