Insights / UNDRR Day 2023

Breaking the Cycle of Inequality

By renae hanvin

September 13 2023

Recognising small businesses on UNDRR Day!

Next month on 13 October 2023 we mark International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, and this year’s theme is Fighting inequality for a resilient future.

The annual day aligns with the Sendai Framework, the international agreement to prevent and reduce losses in lives, livelihoods, economies and basic infrastructure.

The theme explores the reciprocal relationship between disasters and inequality, and how the most at risk are exposed to the danger of disasters because of their unequal access to services such as finance and insurance.

Disasters can exacerbate inequalities and push the most at risk further into poverty. It’s a relevant theme for small businesses, which often find themselves vulnerable when disasters strike, particularly where insurance is concerned. This is an area Resilient Ready is particularly interested in and aligns with our Small Business Insurance Talks happening across September and October in South Australia.

And that’s why it’s more important than ever that micro and small businesses position themselves to be ready and resilient so they can thrive before, during and after unexpected disruptions.

Breaking the cycle of inequality starts with small businesses taking steps to invest in and protect themselves from future risks.

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