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A new era of business community resilience

By renae hanvin

JUN 1 2022

Hello and welcome to Resilient Ready.

If this picture looks a little familiar you likely know our sister company, corporate2community. C2C is where the Resilient Ready journey began as we created our methodology while delivering innovative programs for corporates, governments, small businesses and communities.

As we welcome you to the start of our new era in building business community resilience, here’s a brief recap on our journey so far.

Time to do disasters differently

I was inspired many years ago to ‘do disasters differently’ back when I worked at Australia Post, which is the Australian national postal service.

I led the community response to disasters, which was about what role Australia Post should play when it came to giving out government grants, cash donations, offering up their logistic supply chain to enable other organisations to give free beds etc that communities needed.

As an organisation, I was able to see how ready we were at that time to respond to incidents. Interestingly, around 80% of Australia Post outlets are owned and run by licensees, which provided me with a great insight into how ready they were (or not) for future disasters.

Sharing the responsibility

Stints in government consulting and stakeholder management followed, and I realised I had found my passion – operating in multi-stakeholder environments in the disaster space.

I went on to write stakeholder engagement frameworks and toolkits to try and educate government representatives working in the disaster space as to how they could better understand and collaborate with other stakeholders.

This started me thinking – everyone plays a role before, during and after disasters. And so, the first seeds of activating that shared responsibility between governments, corporates and communities were sown.

New challenges require new ways of thinking and doing business, and so Resilient Ready was born.

Renae Hanvin
Founder + Director at Resilient Ready

From passion to purpose

In 2018 I founded corporate2community, primarily to advocate and activate the role businesses could play in driving solutions and positive outcomes before, during and after disasters.

And others have seen value in that purpose, with corporate2community attracting more than $1 million in government grant funding to help communities recover and build their resilience following the 2019-20 bushfires.

Now we are evolving that vision, building on our own experiences and knowledge, and tapping into the expertise of a global network of academics and specialists to find better ways of preparing for disasters, weathering them, and working together to recover from them.

So what is Resilient Ready?

Resilient Ready is a proud certified social enterprise, meaning we’re working hard to change the world for the better. We help organisations by using our knowledge and skills to create and lead forward thinking disaster solutions.

Our purpose is to help organisations get ahead of disasters, and we’re doing that by driving a new ecosystem in business community resilience.

We truly believe building business community capabilities will save lives and livelihoods in our communities, strengthen community networks and contribute to global wellbeing.


Resilient Ready is a social enterprise delivering innovative solutions to enable every organisation to thrive before, during and after disasters. To keep updated on news and current projects, sign up to our newsletter.