Insights / Social Impact, 2022

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Resilient Ready can help your social impact.


By rebecca lang


Nov 4 2022


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As a certified social enterprise, Resilient Ready knows better than most how critical it is to walk your talk and link mission to purpose.

We are all about promoting better outcomes for communities, and we help businesses every day, everywhere, to do the same by delivering on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments.

By engaging Resilient Ready you are immediately contributing to your ESG targets and fulfilling a critical part of your corporate agenda because you are hiring a certified social enterprise that is already focused on creating a positive community impact.

We provide high quality business products, consulting, and disaster giving services that meet your business needs, whatever its size, which means you deliver additional community impact just by working with us.

Resilient Ready’s experts can help review existing processes and policies and look for the risks and opportunities that are arising as legislation – and resulting corporate obligations – changes.

Creating strong client relationships is critical to our unique business model, which is built on delivering solutions for every organisation to thrive before, during and after disasters.

As the frequency of disasters impacting our communities increases, there is an increasing expectation on corporate disaster giving and pressure to get it right.

– Renae Hanvin

We specialise in providing strong corporate solutions through our consulting arm, and in our disaster giving approach through detailed audits, developing strategic action plans, and offering disaster relief advisory services.

Global brands including Walmart have built positive reputations (and sales) led by how they help prepare their communities for future disruptions and provide relief during times of need.

Resilient Ready can help you build your organisation’s reputation and resilience through the delivery of our innovative products, solutions, and strategic advice.

If you are wondering how to approach your ESG commitments or struggling to adapt your existing strategies, get in touch.


Resilient Ready is a social enterprise delivering innovative solutions to enable every organisation to thrive before, during and after disasters. To keep updated on news and current projects, sign up to our newsletter.