Business & Community – A Two-Way Relationship

By renae hanvin

Dec 12 2022

In so many towns, especially in regional areas, the post office is the hub of the community.

“It’s where people come to meet, to see and chat with each other, to find out information, to conduct their business and banking and of course to stay connected to family, friends, customers and suppliers outside the area. It’s a business that brings a lot of people together,” explains Janette Hunt, Postal Manager at Australia Post in Narooma.

The vital role of the local post office was particularly highlighted during the 2019-2020 bushfires in regional New South Wales when Janette was running the Batemans Bay branch.

“For many days during the bushfires we were the only business open in town. People were coming to us for information, to buy products that they couldn’t get such as batteries, battery-operated torches and radios, and for their banking. ATMs were down everywhere because there was no power. We also helped businesses out with mail redirections and getting parcels out to customers.

And sometimes, it was just a place to catch up with other people and get a friendly hug from a friendly face,

smiles Janette.


How businesses can give back to the community

Janette explains that Australia Post gives back to the community in a lot of ways around Australia.

“We’re involved in a lot of partnerships with organisations such as the Red Cross and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. Every year Australia Post has community grants of up to $10,000 for community groups for various projects.

“And just locally, we support our local schools, the CWA, and community events going on in towns. A lot of our staff volunteer with the Rural Fire Brigade and SES as well.

“Especially in small communities what you give, you receive. You support your community, your community supports you.”