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South Australian Small Business Insurance Talks Info Session

By Renae Hanvin

November 27 2023

We’ve been talking with South Australian business owners and operators about insurance recently, and their feedback has revealed some disturbing vulnerabilities that should be of concern to small businesses everywhere.

We thank those who joined us at our Information Session on 6 December 2023 to launch the White Paper: ‘Doing Insurance Differently – Candid Conversations with South Australian Small Businesses’.

Access your copy here.

We’re excited to share our learnings and recommendations to drive positive change for small business insurance.

Renae Hanvin
CEO + Founder

Recognising insurance is a ‘grudge purchase’ but a topical one, Resilient Ready ran two rounds of strategic talks in metro, regional and rural communities as well as online to gauge participants’ thoughts on insurance and also what they would do to enhance their level of insurance-related understanding and risk management processes.

These talks were about understanding what South Australian small business owners currently think and do when it comes to small business insurance – so we can help build that knowledge and support every small business to thrive.

We already know a third of South Australian small businesses are fighting to survive, trying to generate enough cash flow just to stay in business (Source: Department for Industry, Innovation and Science). The challenges are many for those running a small business, which makes understanding, choosing and paying for the right business insurance even more critical.

Business owners and operators often spend all their time working in their business, not on their business, so our Talk sessions afforded some rare time to reflect on how they are meeting the core business obligation and resilience need of insurance.

We’re now inviting everyone with a connection to small businesses to share our White Paper with findings and recommendations on the need to ‘think different’ and ‘do different’ when it comes to small business insurance.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

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