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White Paper reveals roadmap for Kangaroo Island businesses

By renae hanvin

May 13 2023

In recent years, Kangaroo Island has experienced some of the most severe natural disasters in its history, which have highlighted the urgent need for local businesses to build their resilience and reduce risks.

To address this need, Resilient Ready, a certified social enterprise that specialises in disaster resilience and community engagement, develop an online Roadmap to help build local resilience across the Kangaroo Island business community.

The White Paper provides an overview of the Kangaroo Island Business Climate Roadmap.

Written by Resilient Ready CEO + Founder Renae Hanvin, the White Paper and project delivery includes contribution from global social capital expert Professor Daniel Aldrich, Australian crisis management leader David Parsons and Kangaroo Island Business Hub Coordinator Maria Waters.

A great example of delivering best practice, the project received recognition from the South Australian Small Business Minister Andrea Michaels MP and Minister for Emergency Services Joe Szakacs.

Kangaroo Island is ready for this conversation and must adapt to a changing climate.

Maria Waters
Kangaroo Island Business Hub

Embedding our methodology into business as usual

The Kangaroo Island Business Climate Roadmap is a comprehensive online program designed to help businesses build resilience and reduce risks in the face of natural hazards and other types of disasters and business disruptions.

Renae Hanvin and her team worked closely with members of the local business community to design the Roadmap, sharing Resilient Ready’s 4Ps methodology: Prevent, Prepare, Promote and Protect – an approach that translates often complex government policy and frameworks into simple everyday business behaviours.

“So much of what is available to business people isn’t relevant or helpful. Given we’re a business ourselves, we’re able to turn the table and bring what we need to know and do, to help others on their journey towards resilient ready futures too,” said Renae.

Lived Experience Shapes Roadmap

As part of the tool development, Renae Hanvin interviewed 16 local businesspeople about their experiences, and included their stories in each module.

Tool themes were strategically matched with firsthand experiences to ensure lived experience aligned with module content in an authentic and memorable way.

Driving cross-sector collaborations

Funded by the SAFECOM Disaster Risk Reduction Grants Program funded by the Australian Government and the South Australian Government, this project was a positive collaboration between Resilient Ready, the South Australian Department for Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) and the Kangaroo Island Business Hub.


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