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Roadmaps set up small business for success


By renae hanvin


Apr 1 2022


In the past month we have been lucky enough to have disaster recovery and social capital expert Professor Daniel Aldrich on hand to launch our two Roadmaps in different parts of the country to enthusiastic local audiences.

The launches are the fruition of 12 months of engagement and collaboration by Resilient Ready with the communities of the Blue Mountains and Kangaroo Island.

In the Blue Mountains, the ‘Blue Mountains Business Resilience Roadmap’, was launched to a full house. A collaboration between us and regional business network BusinessBM, it features businesspeople, including Indigenous business owners, from across the Mountains sharing experiences and lessons in how to disaster-proof a business.

Professor Aldrich said he believed the ‘Blue Mountains Business Resilience Roadmap’ would make a positive difference for this community, preparing Blue Mountains businesses to be better placed to survive and thrive following future disasters.

“By upskilling and empowering local small businesses, we also improve the resilience of our communities. Small businesses are a cornerstone of communities, providing employment, goods and services, and opportunities for social connections. We can’t afford to overlook their role in disaster recovery.”

Just a week later on Kangaroo Island, Professor Aldrich launched the ‘Kangaroo Island Business Climate Roadmap’, an online capability building program specifically designed for businesses operating on Kangaroo Island.

The business roadmap is a collaboration between us, the Kangaroo Island Business Hub and the South Australian Department for Industry, Innovation and Science.

“Co-designed over 12-months with a local steering committee, the theme of ‘business climate’ was selected given the immense challenges the KI business community has faced and will continue to face in this new era of compound disasters,” Resilient Ready founder Renae Hanvin said.

“The Toolkit builds knowledge and skills using the experiences and capabilities of business people in the Kangaroo Island business community.”


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